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Your roadmap to secure data.

VelaStar is a web-based application that provides the roadmap to ISO 27001, HIPAA or PCI compliance. It allows users to develop and sustain the processes necessary to maintain compliance with certification standards. First, VelaStar provides you with an easy-to-understand checklist of all the tasks necessary from the beginning of the process to the certification date and beyond. Working with the Information Navigators team, you will be able to analyze and document your processes, enabling you to take all of the necessary steps to obtain ISO 27001, HIPAA or PCI compliance. What sets VelaStar apart is not only does it allow you to monitor your progress toward certification, it also allows you to collect and provide the necessary evidence to support this progress. Collecting evidence in one central location saves significant time and effort for

  • ISO 27001 Certification Audits
  • PCI Compliance Audits
  • HIPAA Compliance Audits
  • Client Audits
  • Recertification Audits

This evidence can be a document, a screenshot or an entire process. While VelaStar provides many common processes for use, it also allows you to develop and customize your own internal processes in a central repository that is easy to preserve and use.

   Certification and Compliance Roadmap

VelaStar guides you through all the necessary steps to achieve certification or compliance. It includes easy-to-understand explanations for each requirement and tools for completing each task. Store all evidence documents and manage all processes in one location.

   Manage Processes and Assets

Many controls require more than just documentation, but instead require an entire process. Use VelaStar to manage entire processes (such as Change Management, Asset Destruction, etc.) and tie them back to a requirement. With VelaStar, the entire process is right at your fingertips.

   Master the Onsite Audit

With all evidence and documentation in one place, you can use VelaStar to breeze through audits. No more searching around for documentation. Impress the auditors with completeness and organization.

   Track Tasks and Approvals

With VelaStar, all necessary controls and tasks can be assigned to individual users. The easy-to-use dashboard allows managers and team leaders to effortlessly delegate tasks, while assisting users to prioritize their compliance-related assignments.

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