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InformationNavigators offers its clients institutional knowledge in the areas of healthcare, real estate, and education, as well as expertise in the legal and financial industries.

We can reassure healthcare firms that all client data will be protected from potential hacking. With the increase in telemedicine and electronic health records, it is more important than ever that systems are secure and compliant with HIPAA and other federal standards. Our firm keeps up to date with the latest regulations so that our client doesn’t have to worry about the loss or compromise of private data. We also help our clients gain ISO 27001 certification.

We assist our real estate clients in protecting private data as well, including their customers’ SSNs. We help agents retain clients’ trust by working with them to develop policies and procedures that safeguard against data loss and breach.

Our clients who are affiliated with large institutions of education often request that we work to protect the private information of employees and students alike. We help schools develop policies that safeguard student and faculty information. We also aid them in avoiding public scrutiny by providing certification services.

In terms of our work with legal firms, we help them develop procedures to protect client data and pass client audits and become certified in ISO 27001 or PCI certification.

Finally, we are an active participant in the financial sector by helping financial firms navigate the requirements in protecting consumer and client data. As with our other clients, we offer help in ISO 27001 and PCI certification.

   ISO Certification

We can assist your organization with each step of the ISO certification process. From policy development to Stage 2 certification, we refine and document your organization’s existing procedures. We then create new procedures required to satisfy federal and state requirements. After policies are implemented, we help maintain new procedures, lessening the workloads of our clients and alleviating stress.

   Risk Analysis & Assessment

Organizations of all types need and benefit from a detailed risk analysis and assessment. We help companies evaluate the risks they face and mitigate hazards as they prepare for difficulties they cannot avoid. Our Risk Assessment Seminars quantify dangers and generate risk analysis reports that are particularly helpful in the areas of HIPAA or ISO 27001 certification.

   Audit Assistance

For many industries, audits are becoming a more frequent occurrence. Audits increasingly divert employee focus from daily responsibilities costing companies time and money. Our team of ISO Certified Lead Auditors has perspective from both the auditor and the company being audited, so members can help our clients pass both internal and external audits. By understanding the perspective from both sides of the table, we offer a solution to put your mind at ease and help pass your certification, either internal or client-based.

   Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scanning

When professional hackers gain access to an organization’s network system and data, both consumers and their trust in the client are at risk. We review our clients’ networks for potential security weaknesses and identify access points where hackers might steal or compromise data. Our comprehensive post-test reports provide your organization with knowledge of any potential vulnerabilities.

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